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Closing Checklist for Sellers

Sellers should forward the following items to our office in advance of the closing:

  1. Homeowners’ association contact information, including contact name, address and telephone number.
  2. All payoff information, including contact information for each loan, account numbers, and Social Security numbers for all parties on the title.
  3. Copies of invoices for any repairs that are to be paid by our firm at closing.
  4. Copy of the termite letter, if applicable.
  5. Copies of any relevant wills, trusts, powers of attorney or corporate documents related to the seller (if title to your property is vested in an estate, trust, LLC, or other separate legal entity, we will need to review the governing documents in advance).
  6. Current state of residency, if the seller is not a Georgia resident.

Please also bring the following to the closing:

  1. A current driver’s license or other approved, state-issued photo ID (cannot be expired).
  2. The original termite letter, if applicable.
  3. Any home warranty information, if applicable.
  4. Copies of invoices for any repairs, if applicable.
  5. Keys and/or garage door openers to the property.
  6. A forwarding address, social security number and telephone number.
  7. If a power of attorney is to be used, it must be approved in advance by our office. Also, sellers must bring the original, executed power of attorney to closing, which must be kept by our office for recording in the public records.
  8. The corporate seal (if the seller is a corporation) or appropriate, executed resolutions as applicable for a separate legal entity conveying title.