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Closing Checklist for Buyers

The buyer/borrower will need to bring the following items to closing:

  1. Social Security number (and the Social Security number of any buyer/co-borrower unable to attend closing).
  2. Homeowners/Hazard Insurance policy information.
  3. Copies of any relevant wills, trusts, corporate documents (including the corporate seal) related to the buyer/borrower (If you plan to buy or borrow under the name of a trust, LLC, or other separate legal entity, we will need to review governing documents in advance of closing).
  4. A current driver’s license or state-issued photo ID (cannot be expired), plus one additional form of ID if you are getting a secondary market loan.  A Social Security Card is preferred as the second form.
  5. Funds for closing in the amount shown on the preliminary HUD-1 Settlement Statement. (please note: pursuant to Georgia law, any amount due from the buyer at closing in excess of $5,000 must be wired to our trust account or paid with funds drawn on a Georgia attorney’s trust account).
  6. A personal check to cover any last minute adjustments to the HUD-1 Settlement Statement at closing.
  7. Any documents required by the lender as a condition of the closing (e.g. tax returns, pay stubs, proof of sale, etc.).
  8. If a power of attorney is to be used at closing, it must be approved in advance by our office. The original, executed power of attorney is also required, and will be kept by our office for recording in the public records.